Marker 1 and the Big Red Button

Sorry, this game is a W.I.P (work in progress) but you can still play it anyway & there is not a way to win this yet, but soon.😊

More games coming soon!!         Note: May only work on Mac OS X

This game only works with Adobe Flash Player.

Marker And Glue Have A Crazy Day  Demo

Report any issues in the comments.😊

Cheese Chase


This is not a Marker And Glue game but this is a test to see how our downloads work. Click the link above to play the game. Also, for more games by me you can click this link to my scratch page to keep up on all the updates and games i’m making.

This game is about a mouse who is trying to eat cheese. Use the arrow keys to guide him through the maze and collect oranges to make the enemy beetles disappear for a small amount of time. There is also a ghost that disappears and reappears throughout the maze (he can also go through walls). Please note that this game is quite glitchy.




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